Dec, 2008
APAT Optoelectronics Components Co., Ltd was founded.
Apr, 2009
ISO9001 certified.
Nov, 2009
Acquired the first right of patent.
Nov, 2011
Awarded the reputation of Shenzhen high-tech enterprise certification.
Dec, 2012,
Obtained “Annual Strategic Supplier”of Fiberhome.
Received “National High-tech Enterprise Certification.
Gain the praise of Shenzhen "Credit Enterprise".
Jan, 2013
Considered as “Key company for fastest progress” by Shenzhen government.
Apr, 2013
ISO14000 certified.
Jun, 2013
Become a qualified component supplier of NSB.
Oct, 2013
Become a qualified component supplier of Huawei.
OHSAS18000 certified.
Dec, 2013
The monthly capacity reached 1M.
Jan, 2014
Moved in APAT industrial park.
Apr, 2014
Took over ex-AVAGO Taiwan R&D center, and Taiwai R&D center established.
Jun, 2014
APAT Optoelectronics Components (Hong Kong) Co., Registered.
Jul, 2014
Achieved supplier qualification of Nokia
Dec, 2014
Procured supplier qualification of ZTE
Aug, 2015
Singapore R&D center established
Aug, 2016
General office relocated to COFCO
Dec, 2016
Acquired module product line from NEO Photonics
Jun, 2017
Shenzhen R&D center established
Jul, 2017
Chengdu R&D center established
Dec, 2017
ESD certified.
Feb, 2018
Robotics workshop put into service

Pass ISO9001

Quality Management System Audit

Pass ISO14001

Environment Management System Audit

Pass OHASA18001

Occupational health Management System Audit


of Metal conflict-free.

APAT OE herein declare that the products are "DRC metal conflict-free", the metal of gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W) and Tin (Sn) are not derived from or sourced from mines in conflict areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), or illegally taxed on trade routes, either of which are controlled by non-governmental military groups.All suppliers of APAT OE are requested likewise to fulfill this article.